Helika Engagement Case Study:

Before engaging with Builder, Helika had zero marketing presence on Twitter or LinkedIn. The Marketing and BD team also was non-existent.

Our approach was to first build a strategy, and then execute upon that by building a strong in-house team and systems. This meant 3 members of the Builder team being embedded into the Helika organization.

The Builder team worked with Helika for 4 months and here’s some of the growth seen by Helika

  • During our strategy intensive, Builder identified a massive opportunity and team/product fit with web 3 gaming analytics, which has become Helika’s focus.
  • We hired 2 out of 3 BD team members. The BD team was able to book 60 meetings at GDC.
  • Helped scale revenue to nearly $1M ARR in less than 5 months.
  • On track to raise series A just 6 months after closing the seed round this summer based on early momentum closing the top projects in the space and strong revenue numbers.
  • Twitter at 219k impressions in last 30 days with a focus on lead generating content that gets us warm intros to decision makers at project (https://twitter.com/HelikaAnalytics)
  • Marketing department generating upto 10 B2B leads/week.

Other areas where we helped out include:

  • Built out marketing infra and team- including content creator program with 8 top notch content creators that's generating qualified game studio leads.
  • Built marketing and sales systems/SOPs in notion.
  • Helped organize sold out event at GDC (Eclipse game night) and secured their Chief Product Officer a panel that generated a massive number of tier a game studio leads (which helped them close Azra games).
  • Sourced and Interviewed 30+ marketing and BD candidates to build BD and marketing team, and helped hire multiple team members.
  • Mentored the CMO we decided to hire and trained him on how to approach high level strategy.
  • Worked closely with BD team to support them with sales collateral and content to help close large contracts.

All in all - Helika was able to scale their go-to market significantly faster than they would otherwise. 

In just a matter of months, Helika was able to build massive momentum on the go-to market side which helped establish them as the number 1 web 3 gaming analytics provider in the market, and is now allowing them to raise a series A.

“Builder Labs has been instrumental in kick starting our go-to market, including building our marketing and BD team, leading strategy, refining our market message, sourcing content creators, and building key systems. They freed up large amounts of my time as the CEO which allowed me to focus on enterprise sales, product, and engineering.”

Anton, CEO of Helika