GoGoPool Fractional CMO Engagement Case Study:

We engaged with GoGoPool to build and train their in-house marketing team as well as build out content processes. Our goal with the content strategy was to become a leader in the AVAX ecosystem, build strong relationships with Avalanche projects, and to be top of mind for the AVAX ecosystem.

We focused on a scaleable content process for them and hired a lead content marketer (who's been creating twitter threads, is doing podcast interviews, doing twitter spaces, and also is creating YouTube content which we'll start putting out soon). 

We also helped with sourcing and onboarding multiple part time roles - researcher, content manager, video editor.

We then worked closely with this team over a multi-month period to coach, train, and supervise the whole process.

We built out  a full on content machine and are very ahead on content, and haven't even started podcasting and video marketing yet.

On top of that, we implemented their content marketing system, including the organizational aspects of it (image below of the system we implemented): 

We also coached their team on both the strategy and tactical side of marketing, coming up with unique strategies specifically for their unique situation.

For example, the new marketing team was able to execute an Ecosystem Twitter Spaces strategy for AVAX that was attended by many AVA Labs employees, key projects like Trader Joes, and many others.

With multiple ecosystem calls GoGoPool has shared Twitter Spaces with dozens of key builders in the AVAX ecosystem while driving hundreds of listens per Twitter Space.  Their content marketing strategy has been the main driver for their BD process, and has allowed them to build strong relationships with all the key builders in Avalanche as well as AVA Labs.


  • Sourced 3 key marketing team members.
  • Interviewed and created trial tasks for the full-time content creator.
  • Created onboarding plan for full-time content creator.
  • Helped craft community strategy that's led to extremely successful Twitter Spaces with 800+ listeners for a brand new project.
  • Coached team members on Twitter strategy, copywriting, community marketing, and Twitter Spaces strategy.
  • Built out their community growth and Discord strategy.

Examples of Content Strategy:

The value proposition:

In 3 months we hire and train an in-house marketing team that outperforms external agencies at a fraction of the cost.

If you hired an agency to perform the services that the in-house team we build can perform, the cost would likely be $25,000 to $40,000/month, which over a year can add up to hundreds of thousands. 

External agencies will be slower, won't understand what you're building like an in-house team and cost 3-4x more.

Long term, we save our portfolio companies hundreds of thousands, while also helping them build cutting edge go-to market strategies to grab market attention and attract their ideal audiences. 

GoGoPool is a great example of how our fractional CMO services can help build a rocketship marketing machine.