GFAL Engagement Case Study:

We engaged with GFAL to build and train their in-house marketing team, organize operations, as well as build out a content machine for future processes. From our initial audit, we identified many inefficiencies within the company's previous structure. Our goal with their marketing team was to reorganize to eliminate these inefficiencies, appoint a team lead, and conduct additional hires to fill in the gaps.

“I can highly recommend Builder Capital.  My company Games for a Living was in need of streamlining our marketing team and Builder Capital did an excellent job in helping us to achieve our goals. They were able to identify and facilitate the internal promotion of our Marketing Manager, re-assign the existing marketing team into new roles and tasks, and interview and create trial tasks for the Content Marketer hire. They also created onboarding plans, sourced several contract roles to supplement our marketing team, created processes for reaching and managing KOLs, and created processes for collaborating with top games and communities.

Lastly, they created and prepared a content management system for upcoming marketing campaigns and updated our whitepaper based on actionable feedback. All of these actions have enabled us to have a strong and effective marketing team. The team at Builder Capital was professional, knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions. We would definitely use their services again!”

~Manel Short, CEO of GFAL ~

We started with a full evaluation of their current marketing team's strengths and weaknesses. Initially GFAL wanted to hire a full-time CMO, but changed their mind due to budget constraints in the bear market. Based on the updated requirements we were able to identify the best candidate in-house for a promotion and work with him over the course of 2 months to ensure he was capable of being their Marketing Manager.

We further sat down with each of the existing team members to map out everyone's current situation in order to realign the marketing team accordingly. We sourced and hired a lead content marketer to build out their brand strategy and plan out content coordination leading up to their IDO. We then began sourcing several contract roles to fill in gaps in the most cost-effective manner. Some of these roles included 3D and 2D designers.

We worked closely with this team over a multi-month period to coach, train, and supervise the whole marketing process. This included coaching their team on both the strategy and tactical side of marketing, coming up with unique strategies for their situation. Under our supervision, the Content Marketing hire created an extensive branding guide, content roadmap, and strategic plan for the next 6 months.

Brand Strategy Example:

We then planned out a full content system for them to implement after they come out of stealth mode, including the organizational aspects of it (image below of the system we implemented): 

When we began, GFAL was working with several outsourced agencies to create content and run socials on their behalf. We worked with the team to make sure all of these processes could be taken over in house to save cost.

We created a database of all the top games and gaming communities in the web3 space. We then created SOPs for outreach, coordination and execution of collaborations across discord and twitter. We used these SOPs to train their marketing team. 

Sample of Gaming Database:

We then built a database for all of the top KOLs in gaming, and related crypto industries. We used our vast network of connections to make introductions. We also created processes for onboarding, and coordinating with KOLs. GFAL has used this system to organize Elemental Raiders tournaments, and coordinate marketing efforts with many top KOLs in the web3 gaming space.

YouTube: Example Elemental Raiders Videos\

Finally, from our initial audit, GFAL was able to revamp their whitepaper with actionable feedback. Mistakes that are common for web2 studios moving into web3 were identified and remedied in time for them to begin a large marketing push leading up to their IDO.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identified and facilitated the internal-promotion of their CMO
  • Re-assigned existing marketing team into new roles and tasks
  • Interviewed and created trial tasks for the Content Marketer hire
  • Created onboarding plan for Content Marketer
  • Sourced several contract roles to supplement the marketing team
  • Created processes for reaching and managing KOLs
  • Created processes for collaborating with top games and communities
  • Created and prepared content management system for upcoming marketing campaigns
  • Whitepaper was updated based on actionable feedback